The legacy of a French tailor.

The EIDER story began in 1962 in Annecy, in the majestic French Alps, thanks to the talent and passion of tailor George Ducruet. In its early days, Eider was dedicated to making warm, functional and well-cut ski anoraks. In the 1980s, EIDER was among the first to adopt Gore-Tex® for the design of mountain and winter sports clothing.


The name 'EIDER' comes from from the eider duck, a Nordic bird renowned for its warm, insulating down feathers. The story goes that Lake Annecy was hit by an extraordinary cold spell in the 60s, attracting eiders to the water, making them symbols of resistance in the face of cold and adversity. Naturally, this connection with the eider played a part in choosing the name of the brand, highlighting its commitment to providing the highest quality garments to face the most extreme conditions.


Over the years, EIDER has become a key player in the market, owing to its relentless pursuit of innovation, be it in terms of technology, the quality of the materials used or the design of its products. In this way, Eider is the perfect embodiment of the past and the present, between heritage and new ideas, to offer garments that combine style and performance, tradition and innovation.

EIDER, the return of an iconic expertise

Immerse yourself in the rich history and tradition of excellence synonymous with EIDER, a brand that has reinvented itself in 2023 while honoring the values that have shaped its unique identity since 1962.


Each of our iconic designs is not only functional, but also a tangible representation of our history. Every seam, every detail is instilled with the unmatched expertise that has been honed over the decades. Our new collection epitomises our passion for fashion and love of the outdoors, thus creating a timeless link between these two worlds.


EIDER history is closely linked to those who share a passion for fashion and outdoor adventure. Those of you who have been with us for a while will understand that style and performance are not opposites - in fact they are a package deal. Every EIDER garment tells a story of passion, exploration and commitment to excellence.


Dive into the world of EIDER and discover our collections. Inspired by our jackets that have pushed the limits of what's possible in the most extreme environments, as well as our fleeces that have protected adventurers in the coldest mountains, each garment in this new collection reflects the meticulous attention paid by the EIDER team to creating sustainable products. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or an adventurous amateur, our meticulous craftsmanship goes into every piece to deliver an experience of unparalleled quality.


From meticulous details to quality materials, every EIDER garment embodies the heritage and modern innovation that is deeply rooted in our brand. Join us on a journey back to our roots and the heritage of a brand that continues to inspire adventurous souls and fashion enthusiasts, while offering unparalleled performance and comfort in the great outdoors.